• Ogham scarf in Knotions!

    I've always been interested in Ogham writing - did you know it's one of the oldest hieroglyphic languages in the world? The Ogham scarf takes inspiration from this Celtic hieroglyphic language (which is pronounced Oam or Ome) - the earliest known form of written language in Ireland.

    It was originally carved onto the corners of standing stone pillars, many of which can still be seen today in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The carved letters are read from bottom to top.

    The Ogham scarf features the Irish words 'Le grá'/With love, which repeat three times in total.
  • Inishere Shawl in Knotions!

    The Inishere Shawl combines traditional Aran stitches in an easy-to-wear rectangular shape. The center panel features intertwining diamonds, like the patchwork fields of the designer’s Aran home, filled with seed stitch and garter stitch, and a ‘hugs and kisses’ cable running along each side. The seed stitch from the diamond centers is echoed in the shawl border. This shawl highlights the joy of Aran knitting: there is something different to do in each row, yet once you can read your knitting you can put away your pattern thanks to the repetitive nature of each individual element.
  • Beirt Beanie Set knitting pattern

    The Beirt Beanie design was in my head for quite a while - and one of the things that delayed its arrival was the fact that I found it hard to pick a name for it!
  • Lots of new patterns ; )

    I recently had a lovely collaboration with Sophie from Sionnach Yarns; she contacted me about working up a hat in her Aran wool, and I actually had two designs in mind, so created two new knitting patterns.
  • New knitting patterns!

    I finally got some of my other hat designs down, and am happy to say that I have already released the Salthill Beanie, and the matching Salthill Wristwarmers. Salthill is a lovely area in Galway which has a great walk by the seaside, and these accessories are perfect for keeping you cosy on a windy day by the Atlantic!
  • Hello after some time (and a global pandemic!)

    I can hardly believe it's been so long since I last posted. Mostly this has been because I've been having IT difficulties uploading content, so fingers crossed it works this time.
  • Knitting Notions

    I'm happy to share with you this blog post I wrote for Yarn Vibes (whom I created some designs for) - about useful knitting tools and notions.
  • Aran knitting stitches and patterns

    Here is a second blog post I wrote for Yarn Vibes, about some stitch patterns commonly used in Aran Knitting:
  • A brief history of Aran Knitting

  • A video!

    Hope you enjoy this little video which Yarn Vibes made! I talk in it about their wonderful range of Irish wool, and some of the designs I created for them : )