• Aran Sunshine

    I've been lucky to enjoy (mostly!) wonderful weather while I've been back on Inis Oírr! I'll be restocking my shop very soon with lots of great knits I've been working on.
  • Wild flowers

    I thought I'd share with you some of the beautiful wild flowers I saw on my walk yesterday on Inis Oírr. They grow wild on the road verges. A different one every few steps!
  • MyIrelandBox July subscription

    MyIrelandBox send beautifully curated items from Ireland to subscribers all over the world. I'm delighted to say that AranAccessories were part of July's box! I hope subscribers were pleased with their handknitted Aran bookmarks : )
  • Simple Cable Beanie

    I'm delighted to add another beanie hat pattern; a simplified version of the Small Spiral Cable Beanie which would make a great cabling project for beginners. Only one circular knitting needle needed, and (if you play your yarn cards right!) only one skein of yarn (but make sure that yarn has about 100 metres!)
  • Etsyie Instagram

    Check out Etsyie on Instagram, where I have taken over for this week!
  • Knitting patterns (hooray!)

    My adventures in knitting pattern writing : )
  • Inis Oírr photos

    The black and white photo is quite old; I recently re-discovered it when I bought a film negative scanner.
  • Tweeting away : )

    Come follow me on Twitter! I'm AranAccessories there too : )
  • Now on Facebook too!

    I'm gradually trying to add on social media, and get to grip with them one at a time! I dipped my toes with Pinterest
    you might remember I then added Instagram, and now I have jumped right in with Facebook!

    I am AranAccessories on all of the above; it would be great to hear from you if you are too : )

    Still Twitter to go, but one step at a time!!
  • New Year, new photos!

    Some of the photos I took over the New Year while I was out visiting my family on Inis Oirr. Some of these I already posted on Instagram (I'm @aranaccessories there) but not everyone is on Instagram, of course! We were very lucky to have rather good winter weather this year.

    A new addition to the island was the little meditation stone hut by the lake. Normally this would be a beautiful, peaceful scene - but we were walking with 5 children (cousins included!) and a very friendly and vocal dog who joined us for the walk and insisted on fetching stones from the lake for us to throw for him! The little hut is well worth checking out.