• New beret pattern published in Knit Now magazine!

    It's an exciting day today as I picked up the latest issue of Knit Now Magazine, which has my Beirt Beret & Cowl in it.

    I'm so happy to finally share this design - I wrote the pattern and knit the sample last summer, so it has felt like a long wait! Believe it or not, it's a one skein knit, using just one ball of beautiful wool for both makes.
  • More on Pattern Publishing : )

    My last post was about publising knitting patterns, and it's such a big topic that I decided to split it into two posts. This is the second part (so feel free to look at last month's post for the first!) Last month, I finished at the point where the design is accepted, so I'll pick it up right there for this month.
  • Publishing a knitting pattern...

    I mentioned in my last post about some upcoming knits I will have in various publications, and I thought it might be interesting for you to read how the whole process of knitting publication works. I really had no idea of how it wall worked when I started; I just wanted to publish a pattern of my own as a sort of personal challenge.
  • Coming up this Autumn

    September's always a great time to get back into knitting with that feeling of the seasons changing. And a great time for light knit layers!

    I can't take much credit for the knitted waiscoat (vest? sweater vest?) pictured here - it is my mother's knitting. Each knit of hers is unique; she has a sort of template stored in her mind, and then adds Aran cabling as she chooses. This particular waistcoast is two-tone (the back is the same colour as the button band on the front) because she wanted to make the most of smaller amounts of wool she had in stock. Having mentioned the back, I might as well show you!
  • Little Seagull Shawl & other knitting...

    Thank you for the great welcome for my latest pattern, the Little Seagull Shawl (pictured above). You may remember I wrote about it in my last post; it's a quick one-skein knit which is great for lightweight summer knitting. The pattern alternates sections where you have to pay some attention and sections where you don't. I put together a little collage of some of the shawls knit by my test knitters:
  • New Doolin Beanie hat pattern - and new shawl coming soon!

    Summer has truly arrived in Ireland - certainly in the West, with a sunny spell lasting *two weeks*!

    Even though I sometimes feel like knitting less in hot weather, I had a few new designs created in the cooler weather which will gradually make an appearance here : )

    First up is the hat pictured above, the Doolin Beanie. I think of this as a sister pattern to the Aran Watchcap, as it features such a similar cable, but the cable is one stitch wide instead of two stitches. It creates a cable with less bulk, and allows for some more repeats - I like both of them, I must say, and love that both are unisex designs. I was running short on inspiration for the name, so I had a little competition on my Instagram & Facebook pages to name the pattern; I thought Doolin was a great choice, with Doolin being the ferry point closest to Inis Oírr. FYI - I try to have slightly different content on all my social media channels, so that you can follow more than one and not just see the same on each one.
  • Wishing you a happy Easter! (And a little news too...)

    Spring is definitely in the air, with the Easter long weekend very close. I hope you get the chance to recharge the batteries a little, whether you celebrate Easter or not.

    It feels like I've been mentioning the Aran Watchcap for such a long time, but the test knit call was issued over a week ago, and some wonderful examples have already been shared with me. The pattern will be out soon, and I am so glad to be at that stage! Thankfully very little re-editing will be needed after the test, and then it will be on to new ideas : )

    It's not the Aran Watchcap pictured above though, but a hat pattern of mine which was originally published last December in Knotions online magazine. It's actually quite a good knit for this time of year too, as it is nice and light.
  • Irish KAL & New Irish Yarn Festival!

    I'm happy to say that I am again part of the Irish KAL (Knit along) this year, which is being organised by Sionnach Yarns. Sophie is a wonderful dyer who lives in the Burren, and for whom I have created two designs in the past, the Moher Beanie (pictured above) and the Burren Beanie. As Sophie says about the Irish KAL: The idea is to either use yarn from a dyer based in Ireland (ROI and NI) or a pattern, knitting or crochet from a designer based in Ireland. Or both! Casting on takes place on March 17th and ends on June 3rd.
  • Christmas Craft Fair & upcoming pattern release : )

    The Craft Fair was a great experience - it was SO LONG since I had done a craft fair that I really didn't know how it would go, but I had such lovely visitors to my stall that the weekend flew by. It was also great to chat to other local crafters; and I got wonderful help from several of them in setting up my stall (I had put too much faith in command strips, which are supposed to support pictures etc. - maybe a flexible partition wall is not their ideal surface!)

    One of the offers I had for the Craft Fair was a discount code for my knitting patterns, and of course, it applies to my dear subscribers as well. If you would like 20% off my knitting patterns, use the code LOCAL at the checkout (you should see a box with the option of entering a coupon code at the checkout). The code is valid until (checks notes) the end of Sunday Dec 13th GMT.

    And now for news relating to the fancy photo (sneak preview) at the top of the newsletter - I will have the cream coloured hat (bottom left in the photo) in the upcoming issue of Knotions online magazine. The Aer Beanie is a 1 skein knit, using fingering weight wool, and is a fun, quick knit featuring cable 'bubbles' which gradually rise towards the crown. It will be out towards the end of this month; I will mention it a LOT more on my social media closer to the time, but I wanted to give you the sneak preview before it became old news.

    As always, thank you for subscribing and reading this far - and if you have enjoyed it, please feel free to forward it to any friends you think would enjoy it. I will be back in a month's time, which will be in a whole new year, crazy as that sounds to me (is it just me, or did 2022 pass by at a faster speed than usual?!)
  • Simple Cable Mittens now available : )

    Two new patterns available (mittens and chunky beanie), and news of an upcoming Craft Fair : )