Looking back over the month, March felt positive here in Ireland, as we had our first public celebrations of St. Patrick's Day since before the pandemic. I don't know if you will be able to see this little Reel of our local parade in Galway that I put up on Instagram, but if it doesn't show properly, you can always see it on my Instagram feed : )

As you can see from the photo of hats, I also was busy knitting and writing a new pattern! I came up with the Easy Tweed Beanie because I really wanted a way of using up my little leftovers of beautiful yarn in a colourful and useful way. I had written a cushion pattern for 'Your Crochet & Knitting' magazine last summer using this slip stitch pattern, and I really wanted to use it again in hat format! I was so happy that my test knitters had really positive things to say about the pattern; a common theme was that it was soothing to knit, while having the fun element of seeing the colourplay.

Also new in March were the three Aran jumpers knitted by my talented mother, which I listed in the shop. Well, two are jumpers, and the third is a sleeveless cardigan. I put a fun question on my Instagram Stories asking whether people would call this a vest, waistcoat or something else. The result was funny to me - evenly split between vest and waistcoat, and 6% saying something else. Which did leave me wondering what that was...

And the other exciting new change for me, was that I actually got my first newsletter out! I'm really looking forward to keeping in touch in this way, and I hope that the number of subscribers continues to grow - thank you to all the early subscribers! You can subscribe near the bottom of the page - I promise that it will not be a spammy newsletter; it will come out once a month, and will be kept short and sweet!