• Christmas Piano Runner

    My friend commissioned me to knit her a Christmas Piano Runner. It was a most enjoyable knit; we worked together to come up with a unique design. The runner is knit in pure wool, with King Cole Cosmos yarn held with the wool for the cables. The metallic edging was knitted in as I went along, using Goldfingering yarn, from Twilleys of Stamford.
  • A nice soothing stitch pattern (for these uncertain times!)

    A nice soothing stitch pattern (for these uncertain times!) This is from a hat I'm working on. The stitch pattern is improvised.
  • New Aran Beanie Hat!

    I just finished this cosy hat yesterday: hooray for car journeys when I am not driving : )
    It's knit in beautiful soft green wool; which unfortunately was a shade of green my camera really struggled to capture. And it's a lovely sunny day here too! (Maybe that was the problem - the camera has gotten used to overcast days in Ireland!)
  • Custom order in progress!

    Piano runner custom order, featuring sparkly sequins combined with traditional Aran wool. Parallel cables combine to intertwine in a cable of my own design : )