I am delighted to have one of my designs, the Inishere Wrap, featured in the latest issue of Knotions magazine! Not only that, the pattern is available to download for FREE at the moment, so if you are a fan of Aran knitting, it's well worth checking out.

A back view of the Inishere Wrap, a white cabled knitted shawl, worn with a summer dress.

The Wrap takes its name from my home island, Inishere (Inis Oírr), which is the smallest of the Aran Islands. It provided the inspiration for the design:  "The Inishere Shawl combines traditional Aran stitches in an easy-to-wear  rectangular shape. The center panel features intertwining diamonds,  like the patchwork fields of the designer’s Aran home, filled with seed  stitch and garter stitch, and a ‘hugs and kisses’ cable running along  each side. The seed stitch from the diamond centers is echoed in the  shawl border. This shawl highlights the joy of Aran knitting: there is  something different to do in each row, yet once you can read your  knitting you can put away your pattern thanks to the repetitive nature  of each individual element."

A close up view of the Inishere wrap, a white cabled knitted shawl, modelled by a woman wearing a summer dress.

The beautiful yarn was provided by Yarn Vibes, and is their organic Irish range of worsted/Aran weight yarn. It was a real pleasure to knit with!

A smiling woman stands behind the shawl, which she is holding at one end to reveal the entire shawl. The shawl has a cabled Aran knitted pattern in white wool.

I was so happy to see that the pattern had a warm welcome - even making it onto Ravelry's 'Hot Right Now' feature. 

Side view of the Inishere Wrap, a knitted cabled shawl, worn over a summer dress by a smiling woman.

Believe it or not - that was not my only contribution to this issue of Knotions - I'm also the featured designer! It was such a pleasure to answer the questions, and think a bit about what I am drawn to - and what I do all day!! You can read the article here.

Remember that the Inishere Wrap is available for free at the moment - so if you like Aran knitting, be sure to check out the current Cables edition of Knotions!