The Craft Fair was a great experience - it was SO LONG since I had done a craft fair that I really didn't know how it would go, but I had such lovely visitors to my stall that the weekend flew by. It was also great to chat to other local crafters; and I got wonderful help from several of them in setting up my stall (I had put too much faith in command strips, which are supposed to support pictures etc. - maybe a flexible partition wall is not their ideal surface!)

And now for news relating to the fancy photo (sneak preview) at the top of the newsletter - I will have the cream coloured hat (bottom left in the photo) in the upcoming issue of Knotions online magazine. The Aer Beanie is a 1 skein knit, using fingering weight wool, and is a fun, quick knit featuring cable 'bubbles' which gradually rise towards the crown. It will be out towards the end of this month; I will mention more on my social media closer to the time, but I wanted to give you the sneak preview before it became old news.