I hope you had a lovely Halloween (if you celebrate), and are enjoying the prime knitting weather we have! As you can see from the photo, I have a new pattern which is pretty seasonal - the Simple Cable Mittens. The Simple Cable Beanie that they are based on is one of my most popular beanie knitting patterns, and it was quite rewarding to create a matching accessory for that hat. I actually have also half-worked a matching scarf - but I ran out of yarn, and have to wait until more supplies of the particular yarn I was using come back into stock.

I have added a lot of finished knits to my shop in the last week, including some more Aran jumpers (and a cardigan) from my mother. Each one is completely unique, so please don't delay if you really want one, as once it's gone, it's gone!

I have not just one, but TWO new knitting patterns this post, as the Burren Chunky Beanie has also been launched. I already have the Burren Beanie knitting pattern available, and this is the same style but reworked for chunky yarn. It's a great, fast knit which only needs one skein of chunky yarn.

More exciting news (for me anyway!) is that I will have a stand at the Local Food & Craft Fair in the Black Box in Galway this year. I'm really looking forward to it; I have only had a stall at a craft fair once before, which was actually the prompt for my setting up an online shop in the first place - to sell all the unsold knits from that first craft fair! I hope that this one will be more successful for me - I literally sold ONE thing at that first craft fair!! 

I will be taking all the physical knits off the website while the fair is on (the first weekend in December), to avoid any confusion about what is really available, and all unsold items will return after the Craft Fair : )