I made my first atttempt at writing a knitting pattern last summer.  A-n-d - there's a reason it took me so long to have another go!! I find it time-consuming (to both write out, and test-knit several times), but very worthwhile at the end. I probably would have put it on the long finger for another while, but a nice customer contacted me via this site and asked me if I could provide a pattern for a hat I had available for sale. Out came the pen, paper and trusty biro! And here is the result of that attempt:

Small Spiral Cable Hat pattern

It is the Small Spiral Cable Hat, and is available through here, etsy, and Ravelry. I'm so glad to have written the pattern out; it is really rewarding to see other hats being made using my pattern (which also currently has 233 likes on Ravelry - hooray!)

So with all that good feeling about pattern writing floating around, I decided to get another pattern down on paper (and PDF!) Enter the Aran Diamond Teacosy - my first attempt at a teacosy design (and actually only my second time knitting a teacosy!) 

Aran Diamond Teacosy pattern

The pattern also is available through here, etsy and Ravelry, and all the teacosies are also available for sale here. Any preference as to colour? I guess it would depend on your kitchen decor, but I'm more drawn to the neutrals myself. (I have a soft spot for the grey one since that was the first one I knitted.) 

I am certainly open to getting some more of my patterns down on paper, so feel free to get in touch with me if you fancy having a go yourself at knitting one of my designs : )